Ogemaw County is an ideal place to spend a day, a long weekend or an entire vacation. Everything you can imagine is here for your enjoyment. We offer many great scenic adventures that will make your stay seem like a fairy tale. The beauty of this region lies in the wide variety of hills, lakes and streams. Canoeing, trout fishing and swimming are just a few of the many recreational activities that you will find in this vast four season playground. Let your mind wander back to your childhood and remember the fun you had while enjoying the beauty of nature and the feeling of renewed life that comes with being outdoors.

Canoes and Kayaks in Ogemaw County
  • Fish Canoe Guide
    Fishing and Canoeing Guide West Branch / Ogemaw County

    Great Lakes, Great Fishing Await You In Ogemaw County

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  • Public canoe access to the Rifle River is good. Access sites are located in the Rifle River Recreation Area, the state forest campground, near Skidway Lake, Moffatt Bridge, and at Omer. In addition, there is a partially developed access site near the confluence of Klacking Creek with the Rifle.

  • Rifle River Recreation Area

    Rifle River Recreation Area

    Hiking Cross Country Skiing Fishing Hunting Canoeing Swimming Camping Mountain Biking Snowmobiling Watchable WildlifeApproximate Size: 4449 Acres

    The Rifle River Recreation Area covers 4,329 acres in Ogemaw County, and is the most predominant recreation facility in the watershed. The park offers 159 campsites, has several hiking trails and several lakes in its boundaries. From biking to fishing to relaxing to birdwatching, the Rifle River Recreation Area is the perfect setting to enjoy your visit to Ogemaw County.

  • Rifle River Recreation Area - Canoeing & Boating

    In terms of numbers of rental canoes available and combined with those of the Boy Scouts of America Camp, the Rifle River is one of the most popular rivers in Michigan. Its proximity to the population concentrations of the Saginaw Bay area, the river’s scenic beauty, the moderately fast water with numerous rapids, and the cold clear waters all add up to an extremely popular river for canoeists.

    Through most of the year the entire Rifle River mainstream is floatable. During the low water period of mid-summer, the river can still be negotiated, although dragging of the canoe should be expected through the shallow areas.

    There are numerous canoe liveries throughout the Rifle system. Many of these operators not only provide canoes, but for those wishing to take a trip more than one day, they offer overnight camping areas. The Detroit area Boy Scouts also have a camp located on the river, and provide overnight camping areas along the mainstream as well.

    Canoe Liveries

  • Rifle River Campground
    Rifle River Campground & Canoe Livery

    5825 Townline Road - Sterling, MI 48659Phone: (989) 654-2556

  • White's Canoe Livery
    White's Canoe Livery

    400 S. Melita Road - Sterling, MI 48659Phone: (989) 654-2654

  • Troll Landing
    Troll Landing Campground and Canoe Livery

    2660 Rifle River Trail - West Branch, MI 48661Phone: (989) 345-7260

Rifle River Canoeing
Rifle River Canoe Access