Let’s get in the water!

Ogemaw County features some of the best kayaking spots in the state.

Don’t forget to pack a kayak during your trip to West Branch or Ogemaw County!

Our area features several different lakes and the Rifle River for amazing kayaking opportunities. Certain lakes like Grousehaven Lake are even motor-less, so the water is as still and serene as can be! Take on your own scenic adventure!

Area Spotlight: Rifle River Recreation Area

A must-visit location!

The Rifle River is one of the most popular rivers in Michigan, and for good reason. It’s nice and close to the Saginaw-Bay area. The river itself is beautiful, clear, and has a moderately fast current, featuring numerous rapids. Popular sections of the river feature thousands of tourists on canoes, kayaks, and floating tubes each year. Small motorless lakes that are great for swimming and kayaking are also connected to the Rifle River, like Grousehaven Lake. Grousehaven Lake Campsite is a great spot to camp and enjoy some of the most serene conditions for kayaking.

Through most of the year the Rifle River is high and floatable. During the low water period of midsummer the river can still be negotiated, although dragging should be expected through the shallow areas.

So many wonderful lakes to explore!

Whether you’re looking to fish while you kayak, or enjoy a quieter, more private experience kayaking with a small group, Ogemaw County has a kayaking spot for you!

Non-Motorized Lakes Lakes with Restricted Motorized Rules
● Devoe Lake
● Grebe Lake
● Grousehaven Lake
● Jewett Lake
● Lodge Lake
● Scaup Lake
● Bush Lake
● Horseshoe Lake
● Laird Lake
● Skidway Lake
● Tee Lake
Great Lakes for Fishing Other Relaxing and Interesting Lakes
● Lake George
● Sage Lake
● Clear Lake
● Peach Lake
● Cranberry Lake
● Elbow Lake
● Henderson Lake
● Hewey Lake
● Long Lake
● Mills Lake

Canoe, Tube, and Kayak Rentals in West Branch

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