Hiking and Biking in West Branch

Come Explore Our Beautiful Hiking & Biking Trails!

West Branch offers many great scenic adventures to enjoy with friends, family, or solo! Both Ogemaw Hills Pathway and Rifle River Recreation area offer beautiful trails to hike or ride. The beauty of this region lies in the wide variety of hills, lakes and streams. Get outside and get moving!

Frequently Asked Questions about Hiking and Biking Trails

Are there any hiking/biking rules I should know?

Please refer to the Michigan DNR website for proper trail etiquette here 

Area Spotlight: Ogemaw Hills Pathway

Trails for Beginners AND Pros!

Ogemaw Hills Pathway offers over 13 miles of smooth, maintained trails. In the summertime, they’re perfect for pleasure hiking and non-powered bike rides. There are three distinct trailways, marked from easiest to more difficult to most challenging. Many pathways also have connecting trails you can plot your own course using our map!

Ogemaw Hills Pathway begins on the corner of Clear Lake and Fairview Rd. Take Exit 212 (West Branch) following Business Loop 75 to Fairview Road

Area Spotlight: Rifle River Recreation Area

Trails for Beginners AND Pros!

Rifle River Recreation Area is a beautiful park of rivers and lakes, and also includes 14 miles of pathways throughout! There’s even an amazing observation tower to get a fantastic view of the entire area. Use the handy trail markers to plot how far you’ve gone!

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