Ogemaw Hills Pathway

Take a stroll through AuSable State Forest!

Ogemaw Hills Pathway is a non-motorized trail that stretches through AuSable State Forest. Before it became a part of the AuSable, the Ogemaw Hills Forest comprised over 80,000 acres in Ogemaw County. For a time the land was inhabited by farmers, but eventually the state took ownership over the land, converted it to state park, and the Ogemaw Hills Pathway was formed.

The pathway begins at the corner of Clear Lake Road and Fairview Road in West Branch, and offers over 13 miles of well-groomed trails for hiking, biking, and cross country skiing for all skill levels. If 13 miles sounds like too much, don’t worry! There are multiple shorter trail paths available that you can finish in a quicker amount of time. Check out Ogemaw Hills Pathway during your visit to West Branch.

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